Four Post AP Projects
Project A - Resume - Everyone must create a usable resume. For examples, see my  online resume.  (You will be looking for jobs soon.) Due May 15.
Project B -  Annotated Bibliography  Due May 22 -
Write an annotated bibliography regarding a topic in your declared college major. If you are undeclared, then your bibliography should include various the fields you are interested in.

1. Use the style manual that your intended major uses. For example, psychology and education majors both use APA. Sociology uses the ASA (American Sociology Association) Style Manual. Sciences use CSE. etc.
2. You  need to have 10 sources. Please include at least 5 journals in your field. At least 3 sources must be dated the current year.
3. Your annotation should describe and evaluate the source in 4-5 sentences.

See example
                    Berkeley College (good video)
                    Purdue Owl's Annotated Bibliography
                    Cal Poly
                    UC Santa Cruz
                    Long Beach State
                    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
                    Cornell University
                    University of Wisconsin
                    University of Washington
                    Oregon State University
                    Arizona State University
                    University of Colorado
                    Notre Dame
                    University of Toronto

At the top of your webpage please provide:
Format: (link to webpage where you found format info)
Project C - choose one of the following: (if you wish, you may do more than one for fun). Due May 29 (Do it before if it bothers you.) The idea for this project if to look forward to life after high school. Publish on your web site. Choose ONE of the following.

1. Showcase - create a  presentation that depicts your intended major at your school. How many courses for the major? What are these courses? What makes these classes appealing to you? Which classes require research? (Not only find the list courses, but look at professors' syllabi and investigate the requirements.)

2. Literature Review - Write a synthesis essay using 3-5 articles from your annotated bibliography. Discuss an issue in your chosen the field of study.  - See video on Lit Reviews

3. For those of you in Calculus, write up your Roller Coaster project using CSE or IEEE format. Explain the math, physics, and/or engineering principles behind the project. You must have at least 5 sources (1 textbook, 2 journals, 2 others). See project instructions. (Can be done with your math group.)

4. For those of you in AP Statistics, you may write the Lit Review for the Student Survey in APA Format.

5. Chemistry Final. "Describe a recent breakthrough or innovation in chemistry (and/or its applications) that has improved the quality of people’s lives today."   See project


Project D - Graduation Speech Due June 1

We have all heard graduation speeches. We have listen to some famous speakers. Write a farewell speech to your classmates. Limit 500-700 words.

See examples of commencement speeches.

  All projects are to be posted on your website by the due date. Doing a good job on all four projects will boost your grade one level. Not doing any one of these projects will reduce your grade one level. Late projects will disqualify the boost. Senior Ditch Day(s) will also disqualify any boost.